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Architect  Ong-ard Satrabhandhu chose the  unassuming  architecture  of   the centuries-old  vernacular  Chinese  dwellings,  a  carefully  orchestrated  sequence of courtyards  as  a source of inspiration.  The  architecture  and  landscape  design  of Rachamankha celebrates  local  Lanna  historical   heritage, climate and traditional  building practices of the Northern Thai region. Southeast Asian architecture defines  the  character  of  the  hotel,  which is full of delightful surprises, a studied composition of light and dark, open  and  closed  outdoor  spaces  to  achieve  a  true  sense  of  place  that  expresses serenity and mystery.
Photograph: Francois Halard
6 Rachamankha 9 Phra Singh Chiang Mai 50200 Thailand, + 66 53 904 111-3, [email protected]